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Platform Basics — Overview

The SwaraLink Bluetooth Low Energy Platform is a software solution designed to simplify the development of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) products. The platform consists of two main middleware library components: one that runs on an embedded device, and one that runs on a mobile device.

What problem does it solve?

Bluetooth Low Energy is a fast-growing technology with numerous different manufacturers and devices capable of instrumenting these communications. The Swaralink BLE platform encompasses a wide range of BLE-capable technologies and serves as an easy-to-use BLE solution/abstraction tailored for professional developers.

Why should I use the platform?

Utilizing the platform is intended to save you time! Cutting development costs is a happy byproduct as well. We fully believe that we can help you reach your goals prompter and with less headaches along the way.

I want to learn more!

Great! Next, it will help to learn some of the terminology that's used by the platform. We promise that its waaaaay simpler than the terminology that's used by Bluetooth stacks and in the Bluetooth core specification.