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Platform Basics — Features

The SwaraLink BLE Platform is a cross-platform middleware that simplifies and reduces the cost of developing high-quality products that use Bluetooth Low Energy Technology. The platform consists of two middleware components: a peripheral library ("swl_periph") that runs on the embedded device, and a central library ("SWLCentral") that runs on the mobile device. The two libraries work together to manage the Bluetooth functionality, while enabling a simplified development experience.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Clean, simple, and human-readable API
  • Designed for a fast and seamless user-experience
  • Tested and optimized for interoperability with iOS and Android
  • Power-optimized to maximize battery life
  • High-throughput:
    • Application data throughput > 600kbps with an iPhone
    • Application data throughout > 1.2Mbps with certain Android devices
  • Simplified pairing and unpairing procedures
  • Default security features:
    • Encryption with secure key exchange
    • Access control (connection rejection of unpaired devices)
  • Over-the-air firmware updates
  • Built-in exception handling and diagnostics for remote debugging
  • Common API across all supported embedded platforms, enabling porting of application between different chipsets
  • Embedded and Mobile example applications provided, with source code
  • Mobile app (Android and iOS) enables quick testing of embedded application